Our Classes

What qualifications do the swimming teachers have?
All teachers have STA or ASA teaching qualifications, as well as poolside rescue tests which include first aid.
Do all the swimming instructors hold a DBS check?
All teachers have an enhanced DBS check.
Are the teachers in the water?

Teachers are in the water with the swimmers at the Clayton pool only.

How many children in a class?

Four children in a beginner class at Clayton.

Five Children in a swimmers class at Clayton

Up to 8 swimmers in a lane at Hurst College

Will the teachers help my child in the water?

Teachers will support beginner children in the water. This will mean they will support the children under their armpits, behind their head and back when needed. Also, they may assist with leg and arm movements and hold them under their tummy. If you do not want your child to be held in the water then you must make this clear at the time of booking. Teacher support of young children in the water is vital to their learning to swim.

What time are the after school classes?

After school classes at Clayton start from 3.45pm on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and are 30 minutes long. The last class time is 5.15pm. Classes at Hurst College are at 7pm and 7.30pm on a Wednesday.

What age can children join the afterschool classes?

Children can join the afterschool lessons from the September in which they start school.

What are the cost of the classes?

Clayton lessons are £12.50 and paid for in advance for 12 weeks.

Hurst College lessons are £11.00 and paid for in advance for 12 weeks.

Are the swimming lessons term time only?

Yes. Simply Swim Sussex follows West Sussex School Term time.

What should my child bring?

What your child needs:


  • Swimming costume/trunks
  • Towel
  • Goggles, if you have them
  • Swimming hat for the lessons at Hurst College
Should my child bring armbands and swimming aids?

No, your child does not need armbands or swimming aids in the lesson.  We will provide floation aids when necessary.

My child is a complete beginner and nervous, will they be okay in the lesson?

We will let your child learn at their own pace and give them time to settle into the lesson. We are experienced in helping many nervous children overcome their fears when starting swimming lessons.

Will my child have to put their face in the water?

No, we will not make your child put their face in the water. It is however something we encourage and practice until they are happy and confident to put their face in on their own. It is an essential skill for learning to swim.

Should my child wear goggles?

Bring goggles if you have them. It is good for children to be able to swim without their goggles, but they are useful in the water to protect children’s eyes from the chlorine in the pool.

When will I know if my child is ready to move up in the afterschool classes?

Your child’s teacher will give the office a list in order of preference for the promotions to the next group that they would like to make, and you will be contacted by email if your child is ready to move.

What swimming awards can I expect my child to achieve?

STA Skills badge in the Autumn term.

STA Distance badge in the Summer term.

How long will it take before my child can swim?

Each child is very different. Some children take to the water very quickly, and others will take a long time to learn the basics.

Can I watch my child’s lesson?

There is no spectating on poolside at Clayton.  This is due to the narrow edge around the pool.  Parents can watch through the glass door or the window in the changing room.

It is preferred that you drop your child to the pool at Hurst College and wait in your car, but if you would like to spectate you can sit poolside.  Please take your shoes off and we also ask that you are quiet by poolside, as lots of parents chatting can be very distracting.  Thank you.

Booking and Facilities

How do I book and pay for swimming lessons?

An invoice will be emailed to you, and you can pay by bank transfer.

What personal details do you need and why?

Your address is required for the invoice and your child’s date of birth is useful to have when organising the classes.  A mobile number is required in case we have to cancel a class at the last minute and need to ring you.  Your name and child’s name is needed for the register.

What if my child is unwell, can we make up the lesson?

Unfortunately we cannot offer catch up classes as there is not usually space in the lessons.

My child has been ill with vomiting and/or diarrhoea, when can they return to swimming?

Your child must be clear of all symptoms for at least 48 hours before attending lessons.

What illnesses must my child not swim with?

Ear infections, diarrhoea, sickness, chicken pox, impetigo, conjunctivitis or a bad cold.

I’m going on holiday. Can I only pay for the lessons we will be attending?

No, you have to pay for the full course if you are going on holiday.

What happens in the event of pool closures due to bad weather like snow, or for other reasons, such as teacher illness or problems with the pool?

If lessons are cancelled, then a credit will be applied to the invoice for the following term.  If your child is not continuing their lessons during the next term then please contact the office for a lesson refund.

What changing facilities are available?

The pools have communal changing facilities but seperate changing areas for male and female swimmers.

Are there separate Male and Female changing rooms?


Do all the pools have onsite parking?

Clayton does not have on site parking.

Hurst College does have on site parking.

What temperatures are the swimming pools?

Clayton runs at 32 degrees celsius.

Hurst College runs at 29 degrees celsius.

What is your policy on photographing my child?

We allow photographs to be taken in the lessons with the permission of other parents whose children are in the class.  The pictures are to be used for personal use only.

At time of booking you have the option not to allow Simply Swim to use photographs of your child for promotional use.

Do I need to let the teachers know of any medical conditions?

Please let us know of any medical condition which may put your child at risk in the swimming pool.